By contacting the police department, officers are able to conduct extra patrol in the area of concern and increase awareness to the public of the stop signs and take appropriate enforcement action.

The Village of Mt. Horeb Public Safety Committee agreed to adopt the rules listed in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices when deciding whether or not to recommend the installation of new stop or yield signs.  The manual specifically states in section 2B.05 that stop signs should not be used for speed control.  Additionally, stop signs should not be used unless engineering judgment indicates certain conditions exist.  These conditions include circumstances that would not be met in the overwhelming majority of village roads where there is not already signage in place.  

Section 2B.09 outlines very strict criteria for appropriate yield sign placement.  Based on this criteria, a yield sign would not be appropriate in almost all areas of the village.  

Section 2A.04, Excessive Use of Signs, states "regulatory and warning signs should be used conservatively because these signs, if used to excess, tent to lose their effectiveness."

Most often these requests are founded in an actual or perceived concern related to traffic speeds in the area.  These concerns should be addressed by contacting the Mt. Horeb Police Department directly.  They will conduct extra patrol in your neighborhood, specifically observing and taking appropriate action on speed and other traffic violations.  In many cases, the police department can also place the speed trailer on the road of concern during the spring/summer/fall months and the data collection unit contained within the speed trailer will generate statistics which can be forwarded to the resident making the request.  

Speed bumps can cause extensive damage to vehicles even if they are not violating traffic laws.  Low profile vehicles and snow removal vehicles can incur thousands of dollars in damage when operating legally.  Additionally, speed bumps have to be painted yellow and need signage so vehicles have advanced warning; in time they will be damaged or deteriorated and need to be replaced.  At this time, it has been determined that it would not be appropriate to place these anywhere within the Village of Mt. Horeb without review and recommendation by the Village Engineer.

To inquire about the next Public Safety Meeting , please contact  the police department at or call 608-437-5522.

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The roundabouts are marked and signed appropriately based on the criteria outlined in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.  Enforcement is difficult in roundabouts due to their design and lack of traffic visibility available to police officers.