Chief Doug Vierck 
Chief Doug Vierck has been a law enforcement

officer since 2007.  He has worked as a patrol

officer with the Edgerton Police Department, a

lieutenant with the Edgerton Police Department,

a drug investigator as part of a county drug unit,

and currently serves as Chief of Police for the

Mount Horeb Police Department.  Doug has

experience in Patrol, Investigations, Supervision,

Leadership, Budgeting, Training, Crisis

Intervention, and IT Management.

Doug is an IACP-certified Drug Recognition Expert (DRE), DRE Instructor, DRE Regional  Coordinator, as well as an instructor in Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, Drugs that Impaired Driving, Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (ARIDE) and a Drug Impairment Training for the Educational Professional (DITEP).  As an instructor, Doug teaches department inservice, other courses for officers, educators, and parents, and gives presentations on drugs to community organizations.

Doug received a degree in 2006 from UW-Whitewater in Sociology with an emphasis on Criminal Justice. He graduated from Marquette University in 2013 with a Graduate Certificate in Law Enforcement Leadership and Management and completed the UW-Madison Certified Public Manager Program in June 2016. Doug also has over 12 years of leadership experience between the public and private sector.


The Mount Horeb Police Department is a full service 24-hour-a-day 

police department.  A staff of eleven full-time and four part-time officers serve the 

Village of Mt. Horeb.  All officers are responsible for patrol duties in addition to 

their assigned special tasks.  Each officer is highly trained and is given additional 

training in their special assignments.

The department patrols approximately twenty-three square miles and serves a 

population estimated at approximately 7,000 people. The department is also expected to grow as the needs for service increase. The department's calls for 

service are increasing every year with new records being set each year. The department strives to provide small town services to an ever-increasing population.

All officers are responsible for patrol duties in addition to their assigned special tasks.  The department consists of:

Chief Doug Vierck

Lieutenant Nate Gretzinger

Detective Jennifer Schaaf

Officer Jon Orcutt

Officer Robie Blankenship

Officer Sue Zander

Officer Tyler Stephens

Officer Adam Fell

Officer Steve Rosemeyer

Officer Josh Jarvis

Officer Tim Dostalek

Officer Brandon Erickson

Community Service Officer Lonnie Drinkall

​Each officer is highly trained and is given additional training in their special assignments. 


The Mt. Horeb Police Department operates a fleet of fully marked and unmarked equipped squad cars and SUVs, .  Each squad is fully equipped with radar, 

Kenwood radios, mobile data terminals, mobile telephones and emergency equipment which includes automated external defibrillation (AED) units.

In addition, the department also issues and assigns each officer a portable radio.  The Mt. Horeb Police Department is dispatched by the Dane County Communication Center located in Madison, Wisconsin, approximately twenty miles away.  Local communications are maintained by the agency's private repeater and during normal business hours the department is dispatched by both the Communication Center and administrative staff.

Visit the Village of Mt. Horeb website here for more information regarding programs, services, attractions and information about individual Village departments.

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